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What is hormone pellets therapy?

Numerous hormone replacement therapies are in the trend, and every year a good number of men and women are using them to balance the low levels of hormones in their bodies. Initially, when these therapies were introduced in the 1930s, they were not so popular, and since their success was unknown to ordinary people, people were reluctant to get them. Today, with the latest advancement in medical science and the success of the therapies being known, people happily get these therapies to get the problems in their lives sorted out. These therapies work perfectly fine if they are correctly implemented, and the most popular kind of hormone replacement therapies is estrogen replacement for women and testosterone replacement therapy for men.

Different versions of hormone replacement therapies are available. The most special one includes the therapy for Miami hormone pellets, where they are replaced by the natural extracts taken from the plants. These are the naturally occurring chemical compounds found in plants and are the least harmful to the human body.

During the pellets’ treatments, the implants are injected right under the skin so that the tiny sized doses of the hormones are released in the body at regular intervals. These doses are very light, and they enhance the body’s level of hormones as well, but they do it at such a slow pace that the side effects or reactions are minimal. This is the reason why this therapy stands at the top of all the other treatments.

In the other hormone replacement treatments, the hormones’ dose is pretty high, so the flow of the hormones is sudden, which results in something like a roller coaster of emotions and moods inside the body. This can cause minor to significant reactions inside the body, making it pretty hard for the body to accept the changes on a large scale. And these risks are the reason why people find it challenging to opt for these treatments.

In the procedure, the doctor gives you a little local anesthesia dose and then gives a slight cut to place the pellet. A pellet is a small-sized tablet about the size of a grain of rice and is put into that cut. No stitches are required for such a small cut, and only a tape bandage is applied on it that helps heal the skin in a couple of days, and usually, there is very little or no pain in the process.