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Why do you need an ED treatment?

The sooner you know about ED treatment options, the sooner you could go back to enjoying and sharing intimate moments with your partner again. ED is not just a normal part of aging that slowly you become stuck accepting. Erectile Dysfunction often has more to do with body functions than you first realize.

There are several different body functions that play a vital role in a man to have and maintain an erectile dysfunction. The most important among these is the Circulatory system. The reason why ED occurs is because the circulation of blood to the penis becomes blocked due to a malfunction in one of the arteries supplying blood to the penis. These results in poor blood flow to the penis and may eventually lead to erection failure or even erectile loss. There are several ED treatment solutions that work on improving the circulatory system through exercises and other measures. Visit ED treatment Phoenix for further information.

Another possible reason why ED occurs is because the urethra is not functioning properly. For instance, there are diseases such as diabetes and alcoholism, which can lead to impotency and other problems. There is also a condition called Peyronie’s disease, which may also lead to ED. Such a condition is caused by scar tissue buildup and narrowing of the urethra. The only way to treat this is by performing the surgery called intracavernosal injection where the doctor will inject the lining of the urethra so that it can stretch and widen to allow proper blood flow once again.

Other possible ED treatments include the use of erection pills, herbal supplements and other medicines. In the recent years, a number of pharmaceutical companies have launched erection pills which are known to improve sexual health and performance. They also help in treating erectile dysfunction. Moreover, erectile dysfunction can occur due to psychological factors such as depression, stress, fatigue, anxiety and tension.

There are certain conditions like atherosclerosis, heart disease and diabetes, which may lead to ED. This condition happens when fatty deposits accumulate around the blood vessels which supply the heart and penis. In turn, the blood vessels could no longer provide adequate blood and oxygen to the penis. When this happens, the erection of the male will cease. One of the most popular ED treatment options for this condition is the intracavernosal injection wherein the doctor will inject an erection cream so that it can lubricate the penis and heart during erection.

Shock Wave Therapy is another treatment option available to treat erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing the blood flow in the penile area and reducing blood vessel constriction. The increased blood flow leads to a thickening of the corpus cavernosa and hence to a harder erection. With the help of this treatment option, a person will be able to maintain a firm erection and will be capable of having satisfying sexual intercourse. The side effect of this treatment option is that it can lead to excessive loss of blood flow to the penis and hence there is a chance that the erection could go out.