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What Are The Benefits Of Chair Massages?

Studies have shown that massage can provide relief from stress and chronic back pain. Massages are used worldwide as an adjunct therapy for many health-related issues. However, it would be great if they were easier to access. It’s great news that massage therapists now offer massage on the go to those clients who can’t travel for the full table massage.

What is chair massage therapy?

Chair massage is similar in many ways to table massage except that clients do not lie on a table. Instead, they sit in a chair with a pad or face cradle. Many chairs have extendable armrests to enhance upper bodywork and are fully adjustable for height or comfort.

How does a chair massage work?

Professional chair massages are done with the same care and precautions that a full table massage. Therapists will talk to clients about their goals and any limitations. After a brief conversation, the client is seated face forward in the chair. Adjustments are made to ensure comfort.

Massaging usually begins with large muscle groups in your upper back and extends to the lower back, neck, shoulders, neck, arms, and back.

What are chair massages performed?

Chair massages can also be done anywhere there is equipment.


Shopping malls


Conference centers

Day spas


Hair salons


Private houses

Health clubs

Chair Massage

However, they have similar benefits to full-body tables.

1: Stress Reduction

Massages have been proven to reduce stress, according to research. One session of massage can decrease stress hormone levels. It also releases natural endorphins which promote calmness and mood improvement. A regular massage session can help to reduce stress. For this reason, many offices offer Massage Chair.

2: Enhanced Circulation

Massage stimulates both blood flow and lymphatic circulation. Massage can improve blood flow almost as much as exercise. Blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients. Therefore, circulation provides nourishment for all parts of the body, even the brain. Science proves a direct relationship between circulation and cognition. Early studies suggest that massage could be used to prevent some forms of cognitive impairment. Because of the Baby Boomer generation, chair massages can be used to aid in cognitive decline.

3: Increased Physical Flexibility

Moving joints and muscles is more difficult if they are looser. Chair massage can increase freedom and range of motion by loosening tight muscles and tissues. The more tight muscles, the more difficult it will be to move and articulate.

4: A More Vibrant Immune Systems

Massage increases immune function by increasing the production of white blood cell defense cells. Although there is no evidence to support massage’s ability to cause cancer, the “natural killer cells” may play a part in improving immune function, which could make it easier for immunocompromised patients to stay healthier.

5: Pain Relief

A growing number of doctors are prescribing massage for chronic and acute pain management. It can relieve the pain caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia. Additionally, it has been shown to decrease pain from musculoskeletal injury from tennis elbow to sprains.

6: Deeper Sleep

Massages can be used to relieve anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Massages are best when scheduled before bedtime. But even day sessions can help improve circulation and regulate sleep by increasing serotonin levels.

7: Improved Athletic Performance

Massage after an injury can speed recovery for regular athletes, while it can be used by performance athletes to enhance their competitive edge. Even though not everyone is competing in the Olympics, massage could be beneficial for those who play tennis on a weekend to improve their forehand.