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Memory Foam Pillows – Ideal For the Tent or Home

We spend about a third of our life sleeping in bed. Some more of us and some less based on what we’re doing in bed. But we all need to sleep so we need a good and relaxing sleep. We’ve all suffered restless sleep or waking up with neck pains where you can’t turn your head even without the excruciating pain reaching your feet’s sole.

Study specialists in the sleeping sector warn everyone that if we don’t have a good quality bed or mattress, we’re all at risk from these illnesses. Personally, my self is an outdoor type and I spend as many nights under canvas as possible, and I am proud that I can sleep anywhere, anytime and in any condition. However, as the years have gone by my good old body, it’s not as strong as it used to be, and after waking a few times on the hard floor with a few pains, I started to take heed of what the sleep experts said.

Now this has shocked me to be frank as I am Swedish, have no issues with sleeping out at temperatures below freezing and feeding myself by plunging into cold ice lakes and enjoying the perfect delicacy of raw fish. It is in reality very unlikely to listen to some white-coated professional locked in a small office. But shush, I’ve done that and I’m very pleased with it.

I didn’t get to the extreme of getting new beds and pillows, but I met the sleeping experts halfway and bought a new pillow for myself. I can use this pillow in my home or carry it with me when I go out with the tent on a walk. This pillow is a memory foam pillow that can form your head and neck while sleeping and give you all the support and comfort you need to have a perfect night’s sleep. And I must say that actually works. Maybe here in Sweden I’m going to set up a tiny chain to sell it to fellow outdoor styles and campers.

The memory foam that covers the pillows is a substance that was first created in 1966 by NASA to try to improve the comfort and safety of airplane cushions. Memory foam was common with time and then the fitness industry became very influential in the health sector until it became famous for beds and pillows in the general public market. The Sleep Better Iso Cool from Sleep Better is the pillow I own. Not only does this pillow mold the shape of my head and neck, it is also sensitive to temperature.

If my body temperature is too cold, this pillow can emit heat and thus heat up my head that influences the rest of the body. And if the temperature of my body is too warm, the pillow will contain the heat and calm me down. How about it! So I don’t just get all the help I like, but I also control my body temperature. I don’t have a franchise in memory foam pillows at this moment in time so I don’t try to sell you one. But I strongly advise you to own one. Take care of that.