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Do Nonsurgical Facelift Treatments Really Work?

Traditional face lifting surgery requires an incision outside your face and the fat tissue and muscles in your face sculpted or repositioned to improve the signs of aging. But, a non-surgical facelift may be worth considering if you are looking for a less invasive solution.

Nonsurgical facelifts include a variety of procedures that can improve the appearance of your skin without surgery. Instances of nonsurgical facelift procedures include:

  • Botulinum toxin (Botox or Dysport) injections
  • Dermal Fillers Toronto
  • Chemical peel
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser skin resurfacing

What Do Nonsurgical Facelifts Can Do?

Both Surgical and Non-surgical procedures have their own benefits and drawbacks. Which one you want to choose depends greatly on the results that you want to achieve. Although nonsurgical treatment can not yield the same changes as surgical facelifts can give, you have to wait much longer for the surgical procedure results than nonsurgical.

So, what can nonsurgical facelift treatments do is rationalized below:

  • Plump up your lips that help your face look fuller.
  • Lift and tighten the skin on your eyebrows, chin, and neck.
  • Diminish the appearance of freckles, acne or acne scars, irregular skin pigmentation, sun damage, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and more.
  • Smooth crow’s feet and frown lines.

What you cannot achieve with Nonsurgical Facelifts?

A nonsurgical facelift cannot abolish or decrease some major signs of aging that does include:

  • Loose skin around your jaw
  • Deep creases or lines around your eyes, mouth or nose
  • Sagging skin

What risks are involved in Nonsurgical Facelifts?

Although they are less invasive than conventional facial lifting techniques, nonsurgical facelift techniques still have some risks. For instance, Botox injections may induce a migraine, bruising, vomiting, and temporary facial sagging. If you are considering laser skin resurfacing treatment, you may have acne flare, bacterial infection, swelling, or scarring after the procedure.

Have a word with your surgeon for the best advice. You may ask your surgeon many questions regarding this procedure like “how severe are the risks and do they surpass the benefits of the treatment for me?” Moreover, make sure to discuss the pre-treatments or after-care precautions with your doctor that you may take for recovery. It will help you in reducing the risk of complications.

Consider a Combination

Your therapist can help you select the best procedure. You can also get a combination of nonsurgical facelift treatments for the best results. To epitomize, Botox injections can be combined with additional procedures such as dermal fillers chemical peeling, or microdermabrasion to help maintain new lines and wrinkles.