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All you need to know about the anti-ligature TV enclosures

For many people, this might be a novel term because this is not something we hear every day. This is because this TV enclosure is not used in our home and offices in routine, rather it has been designed for special purposes.

Wondering what an anti-ligature TV enclosure is?

Do you want to know about the ligature-resistant TV enclosures?

The first thing to know is that both are the same things and the names are used interchangeably.

Now you must be wondering what a ligature-resistant TV enclosure is and why it is used.

The ligature-resistant TV enclosure is made in such a way that a very hardcore material is used to mount the LCD in the enclosure and then heavy duty screws are used to connect the whole assembly. The whole purpose of using these enclosures is to make sure that the LCD is not easy to remove from the wall and the protection of the TV is guaranteed. There are several benefits of using the anti-ligature TV enclosure in your homes and offices as well.

Now you would like to know about the places where you can make use of this TV enclosure.

These enclosures are used specifically in those places where there are chances of some kind of harmful accident to occur due to a hanging structure of the LCD.

  • This is valid for the children and pet care centers where it is most likely that one could jump or pull the LCD and may cause some kind of serious trouble.
  • Secondly, it is used in mental disorder centers where there are patients who do not know what they are doing and how badly they can injure themselves or others if they detach the LCD and throw it.
  • Thirdly, these enclosures are seen in use in the hospitals where there would-be patients of every age group and every culture, and chances of damaging the LCD are pretty high.
  • These enclosures are also used for the LCDs that are mounted in public areas such as bus stops, because the chances for the removal or theft of the LCD are quite high.

These are the generic uses of the anti-ligature TV enclosures. One might use it for some specific conditions in their homes and offices as well, based upon the specific needs.