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How to Use an Electric Facial Steamer at Home  

How long has it been since you saw the inside of a spa? Also, the spas and your favourite salons will remain closed for the foreseeable future. So, what is the one sane thing you can do this quarantine excluding breaking into the spas and stealing all those expensive cosmetics?

You can bring the spa into your home by investing in an electric facial steamer. It is a great at-home indulgence and works wonders on your skin, regular use of a facial steamer can give you glowing skin in a mere twenty-one days.

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If you haven’t gotten your hands on an electric facial steamer yet, then chances are you’re missing out on the most viral beauty trend of this year. To jump on the beauty bandwagon, buy an electric facial steamer. It’s all the rage right now. Essentially, It is a portable steamer that works both as a pore cleanser and a blackhead remover. It also removes dead skin cells and keeps the skin hydrated.

Let’s look at all everything you will need to know about using your electric facial steamer at home-

Finish your cleansing ritual before using the electric facial steamer

Start by removing all your makeup and sunscreen. Your face should be clean and dry before you can begin steaming. This is to ensure that your skin is permeable and will absorb all the benefits of an electric facial steamer.

Yes, your cleansing ritual might be a tough one, including multiple steps and you might think that steam is a form of water only so you can just steam your face after a busy day and wipe it with a makeup wipe. Wrong. You will need to finish your cleansing regimen before you can start steaming. You can use something effective like micellar water to remove the makeup and just a simple wash after that will get your face prepped and ready to use the electric facial steamer.

Fill the tank of the electric facial steamer with distilled water 

Now that you’re done with cleansing, you can move on to steaming. But hey, were you just filling your electric facial steamer with tap water? You can and it’ll work just fine but to get the most out of your steam session – be sure to fill the tank of the electric steamer with distilled water.

Distilled water can be made easily at home by using ice cubes and boiling water or you can just pick up some at your local drugstore. Distilled water is dirt cheap. There are two reasons why you should use distilled water in your electric facial steamer.

Firstly, tap water contains a lot of minerals in it and these minerals and when the water converts to steam, it still holds on to the minerals which can clog your open pores.

Secondly, these same minerals will coat your facial steamer from the inside over time. It is advisable to use distilled water instead of investing in a descaler in the long run.

Use the electric facial steamer only with compatible products

So, step one is cleansing and step two is steaming but what comes after? All those expensive products you’ve hoarded over the years. After steaming, your skin becomes highly permeable and everything you use will be better absorbed by the skin.

So, you can finally break out those expensive products because you can be sure that they will work to their fullest potential if applied after steaming.

A great next step can be peeling. You can take advantage of your open pores and apply a gentle peel over them. You can also use a clay mask next as the clay will help in removing the gunk out of your pores even further. Finish the ritual with a serum and moisturizer to quench your skin.

How long to use an electric facial steamer

This step will require you to do some research. You will have to figure out how sensitive your skin is to heat. Everybody is different when it comes to tolerating heat, so, you’ll have to do some hit and trial with your electric facial steamer and then checking your skin in the mirror.

You can start by placing the electric facial steamer twelve inches away from your face. Wait it out for a minute or two and then check in the mirror for any redness or irritation. Keep increasing the duration and start inching the portable steamer towards your face. If you spot redness, stop immediately and wash your face with cold water.

How often to use an electric facial steamer

You can use your portable facial steamer almost everyday. However, even one session per week will suffice most beauty maintenance needs.

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