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A Brief Review of The Modern Heated Tobacco Products Based on Current Knowledge and Initial Assessments

The health risks that smoking poses to mankind are not unknown to anyone. Cigarette smoking is one of the major causes of death that are preventable in the world. Governments all around the world have mandated cigarette companies to issue a warning regarding the risks posed by smoking on their packaging, still, cigarettes pose great issues to the world.

This has led to an upsurge in the market of heated tobacco products which do not burn tobacco. They just heat it. As a consequence, it has been documented that these heated products, which do not burn tobacco reflect significantly less risk to the individuals. In this article, we will explore more about heat-not-burn technology.

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Introduction to the heated tobacco products

Tobacco not only increases the risk of cancer in individuals, but it also poses a significantly increased threat of 17 other maladies. It has been claimed that heated tobacco products pose significantly less risk to the life of the consumers as compared to cigarettes. This means that inhaling the modified aerosols is better than inhaling the smoke of cigarettes.

The nature of the smoke of cigarettes depends on the temperature inside the cigarette during the puffs. Even though the combustion is restricted to the tip of the cigarette where the temperature may reach 700 to 800 degrees Celsius, the pyrolysis and decomposition occur in the area of distillation.

There is a significant drop in the temperature in this area. The temperature of this area is roughly around 200 degrees Celsius and this is the region of maximum toxicant generation. It has been documented that condensation of the less volatile compounds generates a dense aerosol below 350-degree Celsius.

As a result of this phenomenon, the smoke of the cigarette consists of particulate and vapours, which are much more harmful. The best way to reduce the risk posed by these cigarettes is to reduce the temperature to which the tobacco is being subject. The same technology is reflected in heated tobacco products.

Besides that, the metals like mercury and cadmium are absorbed by the tobacco plants, which find their place in the cigarettes. The level of these metals too was seen to significantly drop in the HTP’s. These metals are highly toxic for human consumption and should not be inhaled or consumed in any form as it is a health hazard.

In HTP’s, Tobacco is heated at 350 degrees Celsius by the source of electric heating. The HTP’s prevent the tobacco from undergoing exothermic self-sustained combustion. In the recent studies submitted by various companies as well as conducted by the research organisations, the levels of HPHC’s in heated tobacco products decreases from 80 to 99%.


Science is rapidly changing the way we approach the world. it has also led to the revolutions in the smoking industry by introducing devices that pose significantly lesser risks, which are allied with smoking.