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Common Myths of Hair Transplants in Toronto

It’s very easy to get into a lot of the myths that are propagated when reading about hair transplantations. Some myths can easily put you on a hair transplant, but the truth is that most of them are either totally unfounded or exaggerated. Hair Clinic Toronto has brought the light on the most common myths surrounding hair transplants here:

  • Hair Transplants don’t give a natural look

This is probably the greatest misconception about hair transplants and why many people believe that this is just because they don’t know much about the revolutionary improvements in hair transplantation procedures in recent decades. Many people still have hair transplantations in the eighties and early 1990s with the “hair plug.” The reality is that modern methods of hair transplantation are now highly advanced and give natural results.

  • Hair transplants are painful

It’s another very popular myth about hair transplantation. Usually, people see images of people who are undergoing a procedure and it seems painful to them. Nevertheless, most people do not know that before any hair is harvested or transplanted, the scalp if fully numbed via local anesthetic. Moreover, the injections are the only part of the treatment that can be characterized as painful.

  • Hair transplants are costly

This is not completely wrong, but it’s often misunderstood. The cost for a hair transplant you may receive would depend on the location where you get it done. The cost of a hair transplant can vary greatly from clinic to clinic, but the average person can get a modern hair transplant done at a reasonable price.

  • Hair transplants can give you a full head of hair back

In many cases, when folks want a hair transplant performed, they usually have unrealistic expectations of the outcomes that they can get. You may get a full head of hair or some depend on the number of hairs you have in your donor areas like on the back and sides of the head. When a lot of donor’s hair is available, the most successful results are possible.

  • Transplanted hair needs a lot of maintenance

Hair transplantation patients are advised to take hair loss medication to ensure that the freshly transplanted hair does not fall out as they are not different from the pre-existing hair you had. Moreover, Hair transplantation does not have to be massaged and you can handle them in any way.