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Why You Should Choose KN95 Face Masks?

COVID 19 pandemic has spread in all parts of the world. WHO has announced that it is a long battle against the virus and appropriate preventive measures must be taken to avoid the further transmission. Wearing face masks, washing hands frequently and sanitization of the places are the important steps for prevention.

The increase in corona virus cases across the country has led to rise in companies making face masks. There are different options available in market from lightweight to stylish ones, branded to non- brand masks and cheap to expensive ones. However, one should not compromise with their health at this time and buy only authentic and certified KN95 face masks.

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Before buying one for you, let’s understand briefly the essential features of these masks and the comparative differences between these and other ordinary ones.

What are KN95 Masks?

These masks come with a face piece respirator, which filters the air that you breathe. It is recommended by doctors and health experts. It filters about 95% of tiny micron particles in the air. N95 and KN95 masks have somewhat similar names and function, but they are held to entirely different certification standards. The former is approved by US regulators while latter one is approved by Chinese regulators.

Protection by KN95 Masks

These are made from synthetic polymer fibers specifically a nonwoven i.e. hydrophobic. It consists of 5 layers that provide protection from bacteria, viruses and the pollutant particles.  These are well designed and easily get adjusted on your nose and face.

Are KN95 Masks Reusable?

No, these masks are not reusable. It is designed for one time use only. It implies that after every use, a new one has to be taken.

Precautions While Wearing Masks

There are following precautions that should be taken while using KN95 masks.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol sanitizer before and after touching mask.
  • Don’t touch the inside of mask.
  • Wear it properly covering the nose and mouth.
  • We should not throw it in open and dispose it properly.

 How To Identify Fake KN95 Masks?

There are various fake masks available in the market that claims to be KN95 masks. However, one should be cautious and look for following signs.

  • There should be a NIOSH Logo or THC number on it.
  • Look for FDA logo on box or packaging of mask.
  • You will not find any markings on filtering face piece respirator mask.

Thus, these masks are anytime better than cheap cloth or other non- brand ones and provide several advantages. It is an excellent choice, as they are skin-friendly and don’t cause any rash or skin irritation. It provides the best protection as it is made of strong synthetic material preventing air borne particles from entering your nose and mouth.