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How To Get Glowing In 3 Weeks

There is a silver lining to this quarantine, you have a lot of time on your hands. What are you going to do with that time is up to you; people are losing weight, some are growing their hair out and some are even learning entirely new skills like playing an instrument. The very least you can do is to work on your skin and get glowing in as less as 3 weeks. A little self-care never hurts anybody and now that you have the time to do it, you should keenly follow the tips given in this article to get nice and healthy skin.


How are you going to achieve this, you ask? Are you thinking that there is no such device that can help you get glowing this fast? Well, maybe you haven’t come across a facial steamer yet. Facial steamers are the key, the secret, you may call them anything but now you know. An Electric Facial Steamer is the most used hack backstage in fashion shows, most celebrities have facial steaming as a part of their routine and this is the only way you’ll get glowing skin in 3 weeks. Yes, of course, there are a few other things you’ll have to do but more on that later.

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Why will you get glowing in 3 weeks after using the Professional Face Steamer Machine?

Why do you think steaming is mandatory in facials when you get them at the spa? Steam opens up the pores of your skin and allows your skin to breathe. Most professionals will first open up your pores before applying a pack or any other treatment. If you have a portable facial steamer, then you can let your pores breathe on the go or at home.

Let’s look at some benefits of using a facial steamer regularly:


Steaming your face keeps your skin hydrated and increases the number of natural oils on the skin keeping it protected longer. Also with a mini portable steamer, you can keep your skin hydrated in the office, on the subway, in short, it can fit in your handbag so you can pretty much use it anywhere.

Helps in circulation

After you steam your face the blood circulation of your face increases and a good deal of oxygen and nutrients rush into the face through the dilated blood vessels. This boost is all you need for a long-lasting glow.

Slows down aging

The most prominent reason for fine lines and wrinkles is the buildup of dead skin. Using a mini portable steamer regularly will help in softening and eventually shedding the layer of dead skin. The new layer of skin beneath will keep you looking fresh and young.

Cleanses pores

The steams opens up the pores as we already know and just a quick wash of the face with open pores cleans almost all the dirt and gunk that had built up inside them.

Helps in better absorption of skincare products

Steaming the skin makes it more permeable. That means that whatever cream, gel, or any kind of product that you apply to your face after steaming will be better absorbed by your skin.

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What else will you have to do to get glowing skin in 3 weeks?

  1. Start working out

This isn’t as easy as steaming your face but it is just as important. Starting a cardio routine will help in increasing the flow of blood throughout your body and boost the flow of oxygen and nutrients. But an increased rate of circulation can be achieved just by using an Electric Facial Steamer so why do you need to start cardio too? Because you want to get glowing in 3 weeks. If you have the time, say maybe 3 or 4 months, then you can probably just keep using the facial steamer from time to time and skip the exercise for good.

  1. Eat green

Including colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet will not only keep your waist in check but will also improve your skin’s radiance. The antioxidants and vitamins found in these vegetables will also fight signs of aging.

If you’re still unsure about getting your hands on a Professional Face Steamer Machine, then click here to get convinced.